Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I can't believe it's been four months since I have blogged on here . . . I guess starting another blog doesn't help! :) We have been extremely busy these months. We have made a trip to Oregon every month that we have been here, back on the West coast! April will be the first month we won't see Oregon at all. But never fear, we won't miss it by much . . . we will be headed that way on May 4th! Anyhow . . . Karl is getting used to his new job, and the kids are I are getting used to his new schedule. We've been so spoiled for the last couple of years, but we still can't complain (at least not too much.) Karl's parents, as well and his sister Ruth, and her whole family, as well as a couple of extra nieces and a nephew came up for President's Day weekend. It was a blast! There were 17 people in the house, and we didn't even nearly fill it up. From that weekend together, all 17 of us got sick! For Karl and I it was terrible. Our kids didn't fare too badly, but Karl and I were in bed sick for over a week! And all at the same time. It was miserable. Karl got an ear infection from that sickness, and is still having some issues with his ears, so please pray that that will get cleared up so we can have more answers about what the coming months will look like for our family.
A couple of weeks ago, we were blessed to have my cousins (Andy Donaldson and his wife Liz) for a quick visit, they also brought along Andy's Great Uncle Forrey. It was so fun to have some time with them to catch up and visit. I hope they will come back soon. Then the following weekend, we had a last minute visit from Karl's brother Andy. The kids didn't know he was coming, so when he walked out to the backyard, there was a little confusion, and then lots of screaming and excitement when they realized who it was! It was a special treat to have him in our home . . . next time though, he's going to have to bring his wife, or he'll be sleeping outside! ;) Just kidding, but we would love to see Darcy with him next time!
This past weekend, we had a fun Easter weekend with some of my family in town. Mom and Dad arrived around 9, then Larissa and West around 11:30 on Friday evening. So we slept in and had a late brunch, then the kids went next door to the Volunteer Fire Station to participate in their Easter Egg Hunt - it was fast, but fun! We planned our big Easter meal for Saturday evening, as most of the family would have to leave pretty quickly after church to get home at a reasonable hour. So with all the family that was there, and our friends, the Gilmore's, we loaded up on Ham, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Corn Pudding, Salad, Green Bean Casserole, Rolls and more! Then we topped it off with Homemade Cheesecake, a Strawberry-Banana-Blueberry Triffle, and Peanut Butter Pie! SO GOOD! We all rolled into bed -late, and I rolled out of bed at 3:08 am, to open the door for my little sister and her hubby.
Linnaea and Tommy arrived just after 3 am because they had to work until 10!!! Oh to be young again . . . Anyhow, they wanted to be here for Easter with everyone, not just because it was Easter, but because it was to be the day Hunter, our eldest son, was baptised. And, he was! What a blessing to watch your children grow in their relationship with Christ, at such a young age and to desire to serve Him! Hunter has such a heart for God, and for sharing God's love with others. I know that God has great things in mind for Hunter, and am thrilled to think that his heart is already softened to God's will. :) It was an extra special blessing to have so much family here for his special day. What a legacy of faithful followers of Christ we have in this family!
Well, I'll close this with a few prayer requests, I'll try not to add too many details, but bear with me. I know this post is getting longer and longer!
~ Christi Kitterman, Karl's oldest sister, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer last week. Please pray for peace and comfort, for wisdom for the doctor's and medical staff, for minimal or no side effects, for grace and compassion for those surrounding her, for her kids as they process and live this time, for her husband Jim as he takes on more in the household, and for a great miracle from God if that is His will.
~Sophia Ruiz, daughter of Kristy and Fracisco Ruiz (I've known Kristy since I was in the 3rd grade!) They had Sophia last week, and she aspirated Meconium (first baby poo), she is finally off the ventilator and they were able to hold her for the first time today. Please pray for continued healing, as well as for Sophia to begin the nurse well. Thank God for her healing so far!
~Please pray for Hunter, that he would continue to allow the Holy Spirit to soften his heart to what God desires from him and for him.
~Pray for Karl's ear, that the docs would be able to figure out what is wrong, and what to do about it. Thanking God that Karl's hearing has returned!
~Pray for our friend Brie Gilmore (from our friend family who was with us on Easter). She has committed to go to Africa on a missions trip . . . please pray that funds would come in and that God would prepare her spiritually for the process and for the trip. I thank God for her heart for missions, her heart for orphans, her heart for healing and her willingness to step out in faith!
Okay, I'm sure there are more, but these are what comes to mind at 12:34 am . . . it's almost my favorite time . . . 12:35 am . . . anyone know why? Take a guess . . .
Oh, and if you want to see my other blog, it's . . . see you there!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Okay, okay, so this is par for the course. I stink at keeping our blog up to date, but really, we have been SO busy!!! I think my last post was the very day we vacated our house in Maryland. It's been a crazy whirlwind since then. That was the 8th of October . . . since then . . .
Oct. 10 -Karl flew to Wyoming to hunt. Shot his buck (deer) within 6 hours of landing (his biggest buck ever!), proceeded to shot a doe and three antelope (a buck and two does). He is so amazing! And if I were blogging from our home computer, I would add pictures, but I'm not, and many of you have already seen the proof in picture form already. :) Meanwhile, the kids and I are hanging out at our friends' house, the Rog's. We lived in their trailer, and they graciously allowed us to use the potty, bother them, interupt their lives, and even use their prime parking spots while we were there. It worked out quite well, as we love us some Rog's!
Oct. 14 - I had my last Pampered Chef show in Maryland. :( (at least for now), and I had a blast there! The family and their friends were hilarious, the only bummer of the deal was that I just met them and we were moving in the morning! So . . .
Oct. 15 - The kids and I say a few last minute, very tearful goodbyes. The Miller's (Joe's best friend's family), The Hough's (Andrew's best friend's family), The Rog's (Our families best friend family) and then my dear Abi Albers (Abi was in my small group at youth group, and we formed a special connection over the past year.) I'm crying as I type this - that day was not one I'll forget any time too soon. Katy and I cried of and on the whole drive to Charlotte, North Carolina - that's almost 7 hours! But much to the disappointment of a certain special sweet friend (Autumn Rog), I was not so bleary eyed that I couldn't drive away. :( We arrived very late in Charlotte, at Uncle Dave and Aunt Joyce's house and I knew when we arrived, and Uncle Dave was awake and ready to help us bring our bags in, that he loved me. (Not that I didn't know before, but that's a sacrifice - he gets up very early!) We stayed for a couple of days, but scooted out midweek, as cousin Abby, their daughter, was getting married over the following weekend, and none of us wanted the kids underfoot at "wedding central"! So, on
Oct. 18 - The kids and I headed to Monroe, NC to spend the rest of our time (minus wedding time) with our dear friends the Moitozo's. We know Steve and Glenda and their kids from our years in Maine, and they are now in NC, so we loved being able to see them each time we went down to visit family. Karl arrived back in MD late on the night of
Oct. 20 - He drove all night, on almost no sleep, and when I woke on the morning of
Oct. 21 - He was standing over my bed, looking like a zombie! I love him all the more, for knowing that I needed him with me, right then. I knew then, that he loved me more than I understood. The next couple of days were spent running around for family BBQ's, rehearsal, saying goodbye's with the Moitozo's, and decorating, and then of course,
Oct. 23 - The most amazing wedding of Abby Michelle to Matthew Ridenhour. The wedding was perfect, a gorgeous church, in a beautiful city, with a perfect reception location, but the best part was the bride and groom. Not only was Abby absolutely stunning and Matthew a picture of perfection (as any Marine in uniform should be.) But their desire to honor God through their marriage was evident to everyone there. It was spectacular! I can't wait to see how God blesses them as they discover each other again, within their marriage. We left that night, in our van, to begin our drive across the country. We didn't get far. About an hour or so up the road, but it was an hour less we had to drive the next day!
Oct. 24 - We officially begin our cross country trek! I don't really remember where we stopped the first couple of nights, I just know that we got to Gillette, Wyoming, on
Oct. 26 - Just in time to have Family Dinner (Wednesday night), at our old church. It was SO great to see so many of those who we had grown close to, and loved from our time in Wyoming. We spent a couple of days there, and got to spend some special time with some dear friends there, including, but not limited to the Otte's, the Roswadovski's and the Smith's. We left on
Oct. 29 - We left Gillette, and headed up to Montana, where we got to meet up with Andy (Karl's brother, and his wife Darcy!) This was the first time that the kids and I had had to meet her, and I can say with absolute certainty, We ALL LOVE her! She's great, and compliments Andy amazingly. We met them for lunch and then they took us out to where their horses are boarded and we got to meet them. The kids and Andy wrestled around in the grass and goofed off, and we loved ever minute of it! We only wished there were more minutes to share with them. After a couple hours with them, we had to hit the road . . . We were on a mission!
Oct. 30 - we arrived in Burlington, WA and stayed the night there . . . a great hotel with a pool! The kids loved it!
Oct. 31 - We arrived in Oak Harbor, WA!!! That's the day we got the keys to our new house (we are renting, but it's a great house!) It was Halloween and the kids were chomping at the bit to "do something", so we made cheesy costumes that when all four kids stood next to each other in a line, said NAVY BRATs. We met up with some old friends at their church for their Harvest Style Party and had dinner there, then we scooted away a little early to go to another friend's church where they had a "Trunk or Treat" going on in the parking lot. The kids had a blast, and everyone loved their costumes! And it was amazing to reconnect with our long lost Allison! She wasn't really lost, but sometimes if felt like it. We know her from our time in Wyoming, as she was a recruiter in Colorado and the time, and Karl introduced us at a spouses function years ago. Anyhow . . . we then headed over to our Oldest Navy Friend's house. Donnie Gilmore and Karl go WAY back! All the way to A school and Aircrew school and whatnot, so we've known him for almost 16 years! I hadn't seen Donnie or his wife Brie since we left Maine three years ago, and had never yet met their baby Ava. It was great to reconnect with them so quickly after arriving here, and I even got to see Brie's mom Michelle! She was visiting. Anyhow . . . So,
Nov. 2 - Our household goods arrived. We have never experienced such a terrible move process with a moving company, so the day had a couple lows, but it's all stuff. We frantically unpacked! And tried to get all the utilities and whatnot set up in our names.
Nov. 5 - I drove Karl to the closest gas station at like 5 am (ICK), so that he could catch a bus to the airport, as he had to back to Charlotte to drive our truck back to Maryland, where he'd have to finish up working for a couple weeks. Over the next couple of weeks, we got chickens!, Karl shot a couple more deer in Maryland! (including, but not limited to his biggest buck ever! a 12 pt non-typical, with a hunting story like no other!), The kids and I spent my birthday and Thanksgiving with family down in Oregon, and then my parents came up to the island to watch the kids.
Dec. 1 - I flew out to Maryland, so that Karl wouldn't have to drive across the country alone. We busted the trip out pretty quick! We squeezed in a light parade in Gillette, Wyoming, and a night there at friends.
Dec. 4 -We then survived an almost two hour drive in white out conditions on our way to Montana to stay a night with Andy and Darcy. They took us out to dinner, as a late birthday gift - the food and the company was amazing. We got to bed pretty early, as both couples had a day on the roads ahead of them.
Dec. 5 - We arrived HOME! Back to Oak Harbor just about dinner time. The kids were ecstatic to have Karl back home, and I was relieved to have road trips off my mind for a couple days at least. We relaxed for about two minutes before we started in on more unpacking and laundry. over the next two weeks before our next road trip, we cut down a tree (split and stacked too), hassled with minor property issues, got two puppies, and just tried to get settled. Then came . . .
Dec. 12 - West, my sister Larissa's husband called to tell me the news that his brother (Nathan, in NY) had had a serious stroke. West left soon after to go be with his brother and sister-in-law there in NY. I am amazed at God's provision in this situation. West didn't have a job at the time. Which would seem to most like a bad thing. But God's provision allowed West to go as soon as was possible to be there with them. God does work in mysterious ways. Nathan is making huge strides in his recovery these days, and we praise God for His goodness, and thank Him sparing Nathan's life. (for updates on Nathan, check out )
Dec. 17 - Two of the Gilmore girls had a joint birthday party, so we hung out in town long enough to be here for that. Happy Birthday to Ava and Ily!!! We love you girls! Then, we scooted out a little early to head down to Oregon to hang out with family for the week before Christmas! It was a great time to reconnect in person with our families. We spent Christmas Eve with Karl's family and Christmas Day with my side.
Dec. 26 -West surprised Larissa and came home from NY! Karl got to facilitate part of that, so it was extra fun being in on the surprise! The fun didn't last too long, as Karl got an itch to get home, so we left late in the afternoon that day and arrived home at about 11pm. It's not really like Karl to want to drive that late, but I think he was just so sick of driving that he wanted to get it over with!
Dec. 31 - We had the Gilmore's over to celebrate - we laughed a lot, ate too much, had a mini piano recital. It was so much fun, and I am thankful to God for allowing us to be stationed near them again and to deepen our relationships with their entire family.
Jan. 1 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We tried out a new church, and liked it . . . it may become home for us while we live here.
Jan. 3 - Karl headed back to work for real. :)
Jan. 6 - We got to have my friend Allison's kids here with us for the weekend, so that she and her husband could travel to California to be with her family for her mother's funeral. Not a fabulous reason to have to steal her kids away for a couple days, but glad we could do it. We had a great time. The boys, our three and their two, played outside almost the whole weekend! And their daughter tagged along with Katy. It wasn't an crazier than normal. There was only one zap from the neighbor's electric fence, and one run in with stinging nettles. All in all, a pretty successful time here with 7 kids! :)
Jan. 8 - 1:15 am the house phone rang and I knew that Deanna, my sister who lives in England, was in labor. I leapt out of bed and searched for the phone frantically. You see, I was the designated "stateside" contact to disperse info to the families. Those of you who know me, may already know that I can't sleep well when someone I know is in labor! So, I was frantically searching the internet, learning how to get an emergency passport, just in case something went wrong and I had to get to England quickly. Everything went well, and at 7:10am Ben called with Baby Elias James Edsall (Eli) grunting in his arms! 8 pounds 12 ounces!!! That's one big baby! Deanna's a champ! I spent the rest of the day like this . . . return Allison's kids home to their dad, go to church, go home to change quickly and then drive an hour south to go cut some free firewood to put up for next winter. I won't go into the ugly details of that experience, but just know . . . we got about 1.5 cords that day, and the next day - I didn't get out of bed until after 1pm I was SO sore and tired!!!
So, now you are pretty well caught up on all of what Us Wards have been up to. If you are by chance feeling left out from not having received a Christmas card/picture/letter from us, don't. We didn't do one this year. . . when would we have had time? We are now back into the swing of schooling, and Karl has pretty much "normal" hours here when he's home. Yup, he's already on the road . . . just for a couple weeks, but for those of you who don't already know. With our orders here, he will be taking short trips, as well as being deployed for 6 months at a time. Please, as you think of us, please please pray. We know that God supplies every thing we need. But let's just ask in advance for Him to prepare us for what he has brought us to. Thanks.
I know that I am not a writer, and I am not at all consistent with this blogging thing, but I love that there is an outlet here for me, that I can give you a glimpse into what all we do, and sometimes even who we are.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Okay, so here we are, at the Darden's house (our friends, from church, who are out of town and have offered us a place to do laundry, clean up and rest) catching up on business and facebook. I find that I have a few minutes until the laundry is done drying and I thought I'd update you all (Ha!) here at our blog. It's official. We are out of our house! The keys have been handed over and we are done with renting in the state of Maryland. I have to say that we have been terribly blessed - I'm not sure that terribly is the best word for this situation, but it's what came to mind! - we have had a ton of help and support over the last couple of weeks from our friends here in SoMD. Our church family astounded us again (at this point, I don't know why I am always surprised!) and Katy's Sunday School class came out in force, with 2 adults and 8 teens this morning, to finish up the cleaning of the house! It was fantastic! They were in and out in about 3 hours, and they cleaned that house cleaner than it's been in well . . . quite awhile! They worked hard, and while the cleaning was a huge blessing, it was amazing to see the future of the church at work! What great families we have at LBC, raising amazing kids who love the Lord! Thanks again kids! You were are huge help! We also had a contractor friend from church who replaced the recently broken window, and while he was there, allowed us to borrow his super long ladder to replace some burnt out lightbulbs at the height of the vaulted ceiling. Two days ago, Marie came and the two of us, she and I (Trinette) cleaned out and scrubbed inside and out the two fridges that were at the house. Not an easy task - a total labor of love, but having her there made the time fly! She is a sweet friend, and I will miss her terribly! We have been living in our dear friends' (the Rog's) trailer, and will be staying there until we exit MD. They have been so gracious and patient with us and our weird schedules this whole time! Suzanne threw us a last minute going away party at their house last night. It was so good to have many of our dear friends come and wish us well. We will certainly miss the fellowship that our church family has provided us here. There haven't been too many tears yet . . . Karen Dooley was the first to get me crying, but that was a couple of weeks ago! And then Barb, whose house I sit in now, got me all teary eyed when we left dinner the other night. I'm sure that this upcoming week will hold many tears for all of us, except Karl who will be hunting in Wyoming! Please pray for us all as we transition over the next few weeks. Pray for my health, as allergies have kicked into high gear with the grass cutting going on, which doesn't help the pneumonia that doesn't seem to be getting as "better" as it should be. :/ Pray for safe travels for Karl as he flies out to Wyoming and back, and for me, as the kids and I travel south to the Charlotte area. Pray for our friends as we leave, that they will be happy for us in our new adventure, and that God will meet every need, spoken and unspoken as we depart. Blessings to you all! Love you!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tomorrow, Today and The last week...

So tomorrow is the day. The moving truck comes and we start getting packed up. It's a bit surreal, and I'm not sure we are ready. We have been sorting and pitching and purging for weeks now. The dogs, chickens and pigs have found new homes and the guinea, well she "found" a new home too (in guinea heaven we'll say.) The kids are hitting panick mode, realizing that they won't see their friends many more times before we drive away. I am hitting emotional mode, realizing that I won't see my friends many more times. For today though, we are packing up what we'll need with us for the next 4 weeks on the road - an impossible task - and finishing up last minute things.

Over the last week or so, we have had some bumps in the road . . . a broken window, a broken 46 inch TV, overflowing septic, and I ran over one of the kids' bikes yesterday morning! UGH!!! Oh, and I am fighting pneumonia! We are actively claiming the name of Jesus Christ over this move, our health and our transition, and we clearly are feeling attacked! But Satan will not win this battle. We are working diligently to have good attitudes and understanding with each other as we all feel a little crazy. We know that God will supply for our every need, and we are filling ourselves with Him, so that when we get bumped, our overflow will be from Him, not from ourselves.

The last week of our time here in SoMD will be really over the next 10 days or so. There are dinners with friends and play dates for the kids, and many, many goodbyes to be said over the course of these days. Please, as you think of us, pray not only for us, but for our friends that will remain here. We know that God is the God of all comfort, and we know that he will comfort each of us and our friends, that allows him to do so. It's hard for some, to express how much they'll miss us, or our kids without making us feel a pang of guilt over the life we have chosen for our family. It's hard not to resent these people in these moments. Especially for me. Please pray that I will be given grace beyond measure for these moments.

So, tomorrow marks the first super obvious step in our departure. What a busy week we will have. Thanks for covering us in prayers. And know that I will happily return the favor, anytime.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Change is truly in the air! Over the past three weeks, our area has suffered some pretty major adjustments . . . between earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding, there has been a lot of rebuilding and cleaning up! Us Wards have been blessed to have come through all of those events really well. No damage to our home or flooding on the property. Some of our friends were not so lucky. I am constantly amazed by God's provision though. I was with a group of my girlfriends the night beofre the hurricane blewn into town, and as we were all chatting about what to expect, one of my friends flippantly said that maybe they'd get a new roof out of it! Well, they are getting one! No one wants trees to fall on their house, ever, but if there were ever any more deserving people of a new roof courtesy of their insurance company, it is them. God provided a way! It is His perfect provision that continues to amaze me. Speaking of provision, God has brought hundreds of relief workers here to our county to help with the clean up process. They are from the Southern Baptist Relief Teams. They are living in our church building, and sending out teams of Yellow-shirted Angels all over our county. There are chainsaw teams, and chaplains, a cooking team, and so many more volunteers! I have had the privilege to get to know a couple of them as I serve in the kitchen, and their untiring minds, hearts and bodies are a miracle to behold. God is certainly their strength! What a testimony of the greatest volunteer act ever. Christ's love is certainly being made know through them. A nice little side bit is that the relief workers have been saving all their food scraps and leftovers for our pigs! Ham and Turkey have never been happier! They need to get as fat as is possible in the next couple of weeks, as we will be moving very soon. Yes, I know, could this one blog post handle any more info??? Probably not, but I'm going to share anyhow. :) We have received orders to transfer to Whidbey Island, Washington. Karl has been out there over the past 10 days or so, and in that time has secured a home for us to move into. It's a fantastic home, and we are super excited to get there and see it for ourselves. Here's a link so you can take a peek!

We are very sad to be leaving Southern Maryland. We have been blessed with a fantastic Church Family here, and a huge Friend Family here. We are already having moments of sadness as we process all this move will mean for us. Yes, we are excited to be back closer to family, and farther away from things like Ticks and Chiggers and Copperheads (I killed one in the driveway last night!) but we will be missing this place like crazy. We will miss being able to shoot down to Charlotte for a long weekend. We'll miss our youth groups and choir, and homeschool groups and friends. We'll miss 5 months of hunting deer and practically non existent bag limits. We'll miss know there are friends who will run over, for any reason, at any time - even to check and make sure the Copperhead is dead! and friends who are more excited for first deer than I was! We'll miss a church that is the most warm and encouraging people we've ever had the privilege of serving and worshipping with. God is so good to have provided all of this here, please pray that He will already, be preparing in advance of our move - friends for us and especially the kids, in Wa, and a church where we can feel the same welcome and Love of God.

Okay, so I am going to stop now, before I become a blubbering mess right here at the desk! Just know that if you are here in MD, we love you and will miss you all terribly. If you are on the way to WA, I hope that we get to stop by on our way through and see you, because we miss you too! And if you are already in WA - we can't wait to get there and see you all again! Party at the WARDS house!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Open Windows

So it's Saturday, and for any of you that know me, you'll be surprised that I have been up for over 2 hours! Yup, it's 10am and I was up before 8! So there is a reason. A good one. I have a friend here visiting. I've known Diane for almost 11 years, but as we are both Navy wives, we haven't lived near enough to see much of each other over the past 8-9 years. We recently reconnected, and she and I have been exchanging visits between here and where she lives in the Virginia Beach area. This time, she brought her son Reese with her! The boys were ecstatic, and Reese was certainly looking forward to seeing a real live pig - "not like the movie ones." So, Diane had to be up and out of the house for an appointment this morning, so I got up and made them a "real" breakfast. Don't get me wrong - I don't usually feed all this "real" food to my family every day. We had cinnamon rolls, warm from the oven (Oh, the smells!), and we had fried eggs - literally fresh from the nest. A couple of the eggs were even double yokers! And then to top it all off, I made sausage patties from what is left of our "Bacon" sausage. Top it all off with orange juice (not freshly squeezed) and milk (very store bought and pasturized!) and it was quite the yummy breakfast. And while I have certainly enjoyed that our windows have been open for 48 hours or so, I don't want to lose all the yummy smells of breakfast! So now, the major question of the day . . . what's for lunch? ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer is here!

So, has summer arrived where you are? We got summer, here in Southern Maryland, just in time for Easter! What a beautiful day is was, to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior!

I wish I could add some pictures to show you all how gorgeous this particular day was, but still, our camera is disabled - as is our bank account! Ha! So, you'll have to imagine the million shades of spring greens and the lovely pinks and purples of flowering trees and vines. Don't forget the smell of wisteria floating around on the buzzing wings of bees and butterflies! So lovely a day to celebrate! We spent the morning at church, and then ran home to finish the preparation that was our part of a three-family Easter meal, to be had in the afternoon. Wheat and Daiy free Peanut Butter Cookies, Sweet Potato Biscuits, Apple Cashew Coleslaw and last but certainly not least was our homegrown ham! This was the last 1/2 ham from the pig we raised last year. "Bacon", as was his name, was SO good! (No worries though, we'll be well stocked this year, as we just got two new pigs to raise for food! - The kids named them Ham and Turkey!)

The garden is just about ready for the starts and seeds to go in the ground, and we are already anicipating the juicy warm tomatos straight from the garden, as well as the green beans and peas. Cucumbers and squash, lettuce and spinach, beets and carrots too!

School is becoming harder and harder to focus on, as the days go by, and the sun comes out brighter and warmer each day. Our days are full of school, and church activities, and doctor appointments and well, life. We are so blessed to have to such "Friend Family" around us here, who help us to know how to enjoy the area we are in to it's fullest. We are pleased to have new friends to add to that list all the time. As we anticipate a move coming by the end of the year, we are cleaning out and decluttering - just a little bit at a time. Trying to enjoy the time we can spend out doors before it turns super hot and humid!

Well, I could go on and on, but like I said before . . . there is a doctor appointment with the name ward on it, in the not too far distant future. See you here again soon!